Simply Cranes design and supply a wide range of crane systems including Floor Mounted Gantries and Overhead travelling cranes up to 20 tonne capacity. We also specialise in the supply of light weight systems giving free effortless movement without the need for power drive systems although these can also be supplied if required.

Floor Mounted Gantries or Overhead Mounted X-Y Gantries can be designed to suit any required working area with either single or multiple bridges. Lifting and drive systems can be either electric or pneumatic.

Simply Cranes gantry systems can be supplied to run on lightweight or heavy duty tracking dependant upon the duty.

Overhead Mounted X-Y Gantry systems are usually suspended from roof trusses whilst Floor Mounted Gantries are supported from legs bolted into the floor.

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X-Y Floor and Overhead Mounted Gantries

X-Y gantries, floor mounted gantries, roof mounted gantries, overhead cranes designed and supplied by Simply Cranes

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