Posted: 29th June 2016

How Does the EU Vote Effect the future Purchase of Handling Equipment? In the short term it probably doesn’t, however in the longer term you may need to give this consideration. Unless a trade deal can be agreed between the EU and the UK any future imports could well be subject to import taxes or duties. As most Industrial Manipulator manufacturers are non UK, any additional taxes could significantly increase the cost of buying abroad. In addition, the turmoil of reintroducing a UK border could result in goods being held up until such issues are cleared up. European manufacturers who just have a sales office in the UK will be no different. This isn’t scare mongering but the way things have gone in the last few weeks, can you be 100% certain the above scenario won’t come about? How can I avoid possible Increased Costs and Delays? The answer is quite simple – Buy British. Fixed prices and fixed delivery dates are assured so you have full control of everything. Yaplex are the largest UK manufacturer and supplier of Industrial, Pneumatic and Electronic Manipulators. We also specialise in the manufacture and supply of Lifting and Handling equipment including Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Balancers, Crane Attachments and Mobile Manipulators. Don’t get caught out by political upheaval and end up having to pick up the debris.